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Thermal Imaging

BGS is the exclusive Bullard Thermal Imaging dealer for the state of Louisiana as well as Southern Mississippi. We sell and service the complete line of Bullard Fire Service and Law enforcement thermal imagers

Since Bullard introduced its first thermal imager in 1998, breakthroughs have defined our business. Bullard established the industry standard with the legendary Bullard TI, quickly securing the number one position in the market. From simple one button operation, to the most advanced command unit, Bullard offers firefighters what they need to get the job done, at price points to meet the needs of every fire department.

Fire Service

Using infrared technology to see through smoke and darkness, Bullard Thermal Imagers help firefighters find victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers before they cause injuries and deaths. Bullard Thermal Imagers have a proven track record among firefighters worldwide, due to the specialized training, service and advanced technology that accompany our products. 

Law Enforcement

Thermal imagers are a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Bullard Edge and SE35 Thermal Imagers detect extremely small differences in temperature so that officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. They enable law enforcement personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people and other sources. Needing no light to operate, Edge and SE35 Thermal Imagers generate high-quality images on the darkest nights, even through smoke and fog.