INNOTEX 885S Structural Firefighting Glove

Size: 64N

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Your gloves are a vital piece of your firefighting uniform. While they protect your hands from high temperatures, they also prevent abrasions and cuts from debris. INNOTEX 885S structural firefighting gloves offer the protection you need without sacrificing flexibility or finger dexterity.

Exclusive to the INNOTEX brand, these gloves use a durable, lightweight material that protects your hands from cuts and abrasions on the job. The complete fourchettes design ensures a snug fit on every hand size, and minimal water absorption prevents grip loss and stretch. 

Designed for tactility, the INNOTEX 885S structural firefighting gloves improve grip while encouraging natural finger movements from finger to thumb. Unlike other bulky firefighting gloves that limit motion, these INNOTEX gloves enhance dexterity for easy movement on the job. Intentional stitching supports a wide range of motion, while an advanced thread material helps these gloves last through the toughest jobs.

A thick elastic around the wrist ensures a snug fit and prevents any hot debris from entering the glove and hurting your hand. The gloves will remain in place even if your hands sweat or the exterior gets wet.

The lightweight and flexible fabric showcases exemplary protective qualities. A Nomex®/Kevlar® lining withstands high temperatures to safeguard your hands in the hottest environments. Alongside thermal protection, INNOTEX structural firefighting gloves meet or exceed all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1971 requirements.

Features of the INNOTEX 885S structural firefighting gloves include:

  • TRU-3D™: Glove style with complete fourchettes on all sides of every finger and thumb from cuff to cuff. Exclusive to INNOTEX®.
  • Kangaroo shell: Lightweight yet tough. Delivers increased dexterity and cut resistance. Secure grip while wet or dry with minimal water absorption.
  • PIVOT-THUMB™ and formed knuckle-guard: Provides natural, anatomically correct thumb-to-finger movement. Better grip and tactility. Enhanced flexibility and grip.
  • Strengthened sewing: Half-inch elastic sewn zig-zag around entire wrist of glove. Kevlar® thread on shell, Nomex® thread on lining.
  • Nomex®/Kevlar® thermal lining: Heat and slash protection.
  • NFPA 1971 requirements: Met or exceeded.

At Bunker Gear Specialists, we carry the durable and comfortable protective gear you need for firefighting. INNOTEX 885S structural firefighting gloves offer dexterity support and protective material for comfortable use all day long. They come in a range of sizes to work for all types of people. Wide and standard options accommodate various palm sizes. Add these gloves to your cart today!

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