Firefighter Helmets and Face Shields

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Firefighter Helmets

It's essential to protect your head whenever you're out on a call. As any firefighter could attest, no two fire situations are exactly the same. You need to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. 

Helmets and faceshields prevent issues that could harm your reaction and response time, such as bumps, scratches and burns. Keep yourself protected with a firefighter helmet from Bunker Gear Specialists today.

Fire Helmets and Face Shields

Fires involve numerous extremes, ranging from high temperatures to cinders, ash and falling objects. When you're in the midst of a fire, you need to be at your most aware. Anything from too much smoke and dust inhalation to getting hit by debris can compromise this integrity. Fire helmets and face shields protect your head from the dangers you encounter while firefighting. 

This protective gear also protects the back of your neck. It prevents water or hot embers from falling through your collar. Helmets also have flaps that cover your ears.

Faceshields help keep objects and dangerous materials away from your eyes and face, too. Many helmets come with faceshields, though you can also purchase them separately. Visors can either be full- or half-length, depending on your preferences and needs.

Bullard Firefighter Helmets

Bullard firefighting helmets are some of the best in the industry. They're adjustable and designed to fit the head of almost any firefighter. Bullard helmets are also versatile, designed for use in all sorts of environments. These helmets have a thermoplastic inner shell, which can withstand extreme temperatures, and they come with reflective striping. 

Choose the Bullard FX Firedome with a built-in faceshield to protect your decision-making mind. Our inventory of Bullard helmets offers four color choices, including black, yellow, red and white.

Bullard Faceshields

Bunker Gear Specialists also offers individual faceshields that you can attach to your helmet. Bullard faceshields are made out of durable and compliant materials that protect your face and eyes. BGS carries two variations of these faceshields. You can either purchase it in four or six inches, depending on the coverage you desire. 

Saving your face from the potential dangers of the fire event allows you to focus on your job. Bullard visors are among the most reliable gear available. Work with precision, clarity and safety in mind when you use one of these shields.

Protect Your Head With Firefighter Helmets From Bunker Gear Specialists

Buying a firefighting helmet system from Bunker Gear Specialists allows you to focus on doing your job right. Our support staff will take the time to listen to you and recommend the helmets or faceshields that will suit your needs.

If you buy multiple pieces of protective gear from our store, we'll "bag and tag" it for your convenience. We want you to distribute it easily and efficiently, ensuring that each firefighter gets the gear sized especially for them. Here at BGS, we take the quality of our products and service seriously.

We want to help you stay safer while on the job by offering top-of-the-line protective gear. Please call us at 222-644-3535 or email [email protected] today for a free quote.

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