Thermal Imaging

At Bunker Gear Specialists, we provide clients in industrial, municipal and law enforcement sectors with innovative thermal imaging cameras for firefighting applications. We proudly carry the industry's top thermal imaging products and are always here to help you outfit your fire safety personnel with the best thermal imaging equipment on the market.

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Exclusive Bullard Retailer in Louisiana

When you choose BGS for your thermal camera needs, you receive only the industry's most trusted name in thermal imaging solutions. We exclusively sell Bullard products at an affordable price point. Our Bullard thermal imaging offerings include:

  • Thermal cameras for firefighting, including handheld versions.
  • Bullard thermal image accessories.

We sell Bullard thermal imaging equipment because we believe that when it comes to fire safety, compromise is never an option. With a track record of excellent performance and durability throughout their product catalog, Bullard is our first choice for thermal imaging equipment.

Thermal Imaging Maintenance and Repair 

At BGS, we are able to send a fire/police department's thermal imager to a trusted repair source and return it in “like new” condition. This repair outsourcing process involves replacing maintenance parts, providing a complete diagnostic of the thermal imager and replacing the outer housing and straps. Especially for heavy users, we can have the water-resistant integrity of the outer shell restored to help prevent water from intruding into the electronics. 

Our service enables you to catch small problems before they become big problems. We'll pick up your damaged or malfunctioning thermal cameras and ship them to a top-notch thermal imaging equipment repair facility. Once your equipment has been examined and restored, we'll deliver it directly back to your location.


Thermal Imaging Equipment for First Responders

We sell handheld and aerial thermal imaging cameras primarily for firefighting purposes. Our client base includes industrial establishments, municipal organizations and law enforcement organizations.We also offer repair and maintenance options for your thermal imaging cameras.


Using infrared technology to see through smoke and darkness, Bullard Thermal Imagers help firefighters find victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers before they cause injuries and deaths. Bullard Thermal Imagers have a proven track record among firefighters worldwide, due to the specialized training, service and advanced technology that accompany our products.

Law Enforcement

Thermal imagers are a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Bullard Edge and SE35 Thermal Imagers detect extremely small differences in temperature so that officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. They enable law enforcement personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people and other sources. Needing no light to operate, Edge and SE35 Thermal Imagers generate high-quality images on the darkest nights, even through smoke and fog.

Your Thermal Imaging Solutions is at BGS

Since our company's beginnings in 1999, BGS has been supplying municipality and industrial safety teams with top-quality safety essentials for firefighters, complemented by a selection of industry-leading equipment that enables them to do their jobs more effectively. We offer the industry's highest-quality products, such as thermal imaging equipment from Bullard, as well as superior solutions for thermal camera repair and maintenance.

We only sell thermal imaging cameras and accessories that exceed the fire safety standards set by state regulations. No matter which sector you operate in, we can provide you with reliable, user-friendly thermal imaging tools that allow you to do your job more safely and efficiently.

If you're looking for high-quality Bullard thermal imaging equipment or repair services for your fire safety team, reach out to BGS today

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