Life safety systems are essential components where personal and property protection are a priority. At BGS, we offer our clients an array of products within this category, including fire extinguishers, water-based, fire alarm and suppression systems.

Since 1999, safety has been our top priority and continues to drive our mission for better, readily available life safety systems. Take a look at our products and services below.

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Fire Extinguisher Service and Inspection

BGS both sells and provides testing and maintenance services for automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, deluge sprinkler systems and other types of water-based fire protection systems

We primarily sell our fire extinguishers to municipal fire stations and industrial facilities. We provide a wide range of fire extinguishers for purchase that meet or exceed state baseline life safety system requirements. 

About Our Clients

We typically sell our fire detection equipment to industrial clients in our home state of Louisiana, though clients in other regions have also taken advantage of our services. 

Our Fire Extinguisher Brands

We predominately sell Ansul and Amerex Fire Extinguishers but have other brands available upon request.

Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

When it comes to water-based fire protection systems, BGS supplies industrial and municipal clients with only the industry's most dependable products. We sell and install various water-based fire protection systems including Viking, and our collection includes a wide array of choices to meet your facility's needs. Our primary water-based system customers include clients in various industrial sectors.

Our Water-Based System Brands

We see value in diversification of water-based equipment based on specific customer needs, so we don't limit ourselves to one exclusive brand. At BGS, you can find some of the best and most affordable products from reputable brands around the country.

Goals of Our Life Safety Systems Department

At Bunker Gear Specialists, we aim to provide a comprehensive set of services for a variety of life safety systems. We sell, install, repair and maintain industrial fire detection and suppression systems so our clients can feel safe and protected in the workplace. From fire extinguishers to self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA), we have the testing, maintenance and repair services to cover all of your most valuable life safety systems.

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The goal of BGS is to optimize the life safety systems of industrial and municipal organizations across Louisiana and beyond. From repairing water-based systems to supplying establishments with the right fire extinguishers for their unique needs, we're proud to serve our region with comprehensive guidance and technical expertise. 

For more information on our life safety systems, reach out to our knowledgeable team today.