Bunker Gear Maintenance and Repair

At BGS, we offer maintenance and repair services on virtually all kinds of PPE and rescue equipment. We're dedicated to keeping your industrial safety tools and equipment in excellent working condition. Even when your gear is in for repair, we can provide you with rental bunker gear while you wait.

We dedicate our time and attention to helping you maintain a fully operational collection of fire safety and other rescue equipment with our tailored maintenance and repair services.

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Water Distribution Maintenance and Repairs

We provide water distribution equipment repairs and maintenance services for industrial and municipal clients. This line of offerings includes:

  • Fire hydrant repair services.
  • Fire water valve repairs.
  • Fire water piping leak repairs and prevention services.
  • Preventative maintenance services.

Extrication Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

BGS offers repair and maintenance services for industrial extrication equipment, including gear by Holmatro and PARATECH. As an exclusive dealer of these brands, we have extensive experience with this industry-leading equipment. 

Common Gas Detection Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Properly functioning gas detection is a crucial component of industrial safety. That's why we offer repair and maintenance services designed specifically for gas detection equipment. 

Common gas detection equipment we maintain and repair includes:

  • MSA equipment.
  • BW equipment.
  • RAE Systems equipment.

Industrial Testing and Inspections

We also perform industrial testing and inspection services for clients throughout Louisiana. With this service, our team will come to your facility and inspect, test and troubleshoot your equipment.

We offer the following types of industrial testing services:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Level A Suit testing
  • Safety shower testing
  • Eyewash testing
  • SCBA flow testing
  • Gas detector inspection
  • Fire water systems testing, PM and inspection
  • Fire hose and fire water pump testing

If you have questions about our industrial testing services in Louisiana, reach out to our team to learn more.

Who Do We Serve?

BGS offers industrial maintenance and repair services to customers in the following sectors:

  • Municipal fire departments
  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries
  • State and local emergency offices

Providing Maintenance and Repair Services In-House and Off-Site

We provide both in-house and off-site maintenance services for our Louisiana customers. Here's a breakdown of our maintenance and repair service options:

  • Level A suit testing — in-house and on-site
  • Safety shower/eyewash — on-site only
  • SCBA — in-house and on-site
  • Fire water system — on-site only
  • Gas detectors — in-house and on-site
  • Hydro — in-house
  • Fire hose testing — in-house and on-site
  • Fire pump testing — in-house and on-site
  • Life Safety Systems— in-house and on-site

We also offer regular maintenance services where we come to your location and provide monthly or quarterly inspections.

Why Choose Bunker Gear Specialists

We're always looking for ways to better serve our client base. BGS is a distributor of many of the technologies we replace and repair, and we ship to any location. Moreover, we know the needs of your Louisiana region's municipal and industrial fire and rescue requirements — especially when it comes to gas detection equipment maintenance and repair, industrial testing, maintenance and repair services.

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If you're looking for a trusted maintenance and testing company in Louisiana or need quick, thorough equipment repair, turn to the experts at BGS.      

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