Our service team has many years of experience repairing Fire Water systems both above and below ground. We repair and replace damaged hydrants, valves, monitors, and piping.

Above Ground Repairs

We have the ability to make certain types of fire hydrant repairs, by replacing the hydrant’s internal parts, without any digging at all. Some additional above ground repairs/replacements include, monitors, hydrant nozzles, monitor nozzles, monitor valves, caps, hose reels, and elevated monitors.

Underground Repairs

Our team has several members that are certified as a competent person in regards to shoring, and we have excavation equipment ready for mobilization, this allows us to be self-sufficient and offer turn-key solutions, for underground issues like hydrant replacement, valve replacement, leaking fire water piping, and installing new fire water piping. 


There are several levels of Preventative Maintenance that we can offer based on the type of equipment you have. These Maintenance schedules typically vary from monthly to yearly. Some of the tasks we perform for our existing clients include; flowing hydrants and monitors, lubricating post indicated valves, function testing elevated monitors, function testing underground valves, test isolating systems and pieces of a system

  • Fire Hydrant – Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance
  • Firewater Valve (PIV) – Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance
  • Firewater Piping – Repair, Replace
  • Excavation and Shoring Installation
  • Elevated Monitor – Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance

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