When it comes to fire safety, a working hydrant can make all the difference for firefighters in action. Many fire water lines are older, and while they still function, routine replacements and repairs can continue to extend the lives of these vital tools. For this necessary project, you need to work with reliable fire hydrant repair companies. 

At BGS, we provide you with fire hydrant repair services you can count on. Serving the Louisiana area and parts of Mississippi, we work diligently to make sure water lines can provide water on demand for emergencies and checkups. Our service team has many years of experience repairing Fire Water systems both above and below ground. We repair and replace damaged hydrants, valves, monitors and piping. 

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Above Ground Water Distribution Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Hydrants comprise numerous components that go into allowing users to control the flow of water as it comes from the pipes underneath them. Valves and levers come attached to the units that control those functions. Over time, those parts can become rusted or cracked due to continued use or from the outside elements. In these instances, above ground repairs are the best course of action to fix the issues. 

At BGS, we have the ability to make certain types of fire hydrant repairs by replacing the hydrant’s internal parts without any digging at all. Some additional above ground repairs/replacements include:

  • Monitors
  • Hydrant nozzles
  • Monitor nozzles
  • Monitor valves
  • Caps, hose reels
  • Elevated monitors

Fire hydrants can encounter a number of common problems that affect their function. Fire hydrant valves can become stuck or immovable, and leaks spring from the fire hydrant itself. At BGS, we understand how critical fire hydrants are to public safety, so we maintain a specialized team of workers who can correct these issues. If you notice any oddities about an above ground fire hydrant fixture in your area, contact us to have one of our representatives review your claim. 

Underground Water Distribution System Repairs and Maintenance

Faulty water distribution equipment may require numerous types of repair under the surface. These issues aren't always immediately visible to maintenance specialists. Pipes can leak or burst under the ground, and without proper treatment, this could cause the areas around the hydrant to become soaked with excess water. This sudden increase in underground moisture can cause nearby structures to become unstable. 

At BGS, our employees can remedy any underground hydrant issues you may have. Our team has several members who are certified as a competent person in regards to shoring, and we have excavation equipment ready for mobilization. This allows us to be self-sufficient and offer turnkey solutions for underground issues like hydrant replacement, fire hydrant valve service and replacement, leaking fire water piping and installing new fire water piping. 

Preventative Water Distribution System Maintenance

In order to perform effective fire hydrant maintenance, the service company needs to put some preventative steps in place. Regular inspections are one of the best ways to prevent broken or rusted pieces of water distribution equipment from causing problems. Depending on the type, some hydrants need a professional to complete inspections of their critical components several times a year. There are two main types of hydrants typically used, which are:

  • Wet barrel: These pieces are better for working environments that don't have below-freezing temperatures, as the mechanical parts containing water are above ground.
  • Dry barrel: Water valves for these systems are far beneath a hydrant's base, making them suitable for colder climates. Maintaining these fixtures involves checking if water is in the upper lines. If any is present, the pipes may need to be replaced.

There are several levels of Preventative Maintenance that we can offer based on the type of equipment you have. These maintenance schedules typically vary from monthly to yearly. Some of the tasks we perform for our existing clients include flowing hydrants and monitors, lubricating post indicated valves, function testing elevated monitors, function testing underground valves, and testing isolating systems and their pieces.

  • Fire Hydrant: Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance
  • Firewater Valve (PIV): Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance 
  • Firewater Piping: Repair, Replace
  • Excavation and Shoring Installation
  • Elevated Monitor: Inspect, Repair, Replace, Preventative Maintenance

Maintain Your Municipality's Water Distribution Equipment With BGS

Your area's safety is a priority to you, and that means it matters to us too. Let the team at BGS take care of your water distribution equipment with our trained technicians. We can repair and replace the parts necessary to keep your fire hydrant ready at any time, any day. 

Call us today at 225-644-4545 to find out how we can help with your service needs, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our hydrant equipment repair and maintenance offerings.

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