BGS carries various rescue tools and equipment to accommodate the needs of industrial and municipal clients. 

We offer sales and service of rescue equipment designed specifically for the following scenarios:

  • Car wreck extrication
  • Trenching collapse extrication
  • Shoring collapse extrication

Additionally, we provide clients with rope rescue equipment, high-angle rescue equipment and rescue solutions.

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Technical Rescue Equipment We Sell

At BGS, we carry a complete line of PARATECH technical rescue equipment, and we're an exclusive dealer of Holmatro rescue equipment.


PARATECH manufactures an ever-increasing number of emergency service, industrial and law enforcement products. Their specialty is tools for technical rescue, but the expertise doesn't stop there. PARATECH products have far-ranging applications that extend to shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance, and recovery — just to name a few.        


BGS is an exclusive dealer of Holmatro rescue equipment in Louisiana. Holmatro is the leading name in rescue tools and equipment — particularly firefighting extrication equipment. Holmatro manufactures a variety of extrication tools, cutting and spreading tools, and pumps. 

Why do we trust Holmatro for reliable fire, car wreck and rescue equipment? We know that the right equipment can be the difference between a successful rescue and a worsening situation in critical moments. Reach out to our team for more information about our exclusive Holmatro collection.

Other Rescue Equipment We Sell

We also offer rescue tools and equipment from Turtle Plastics, Rescue Tech, AutoCrib and JunkYard Dog.

Rescue Equipment for Emergency Offices and First Responders

We typically sell rescue equipment to emergency offices at multiple levels. Our most frequent clients include local, city and state offices looking for top-quality vehicle extrication and fire rescue gear.

Why Choose BGS?

BGS provides superior fire fighting equipment to organizations across Louisiana and beyond. We only offer products from the most trusted names in the rescue equipment industry, including PARATECH, Holmatro and others.

We also provide our clients with expert guidance on choosing and operating the rescue tools and equipment they purchase from us. 

Rescue Equipment Services Offered

At BGS, we provide a variety of rescue equipment services, which include:

  • Custom quotes on rescue equipment sales.
  • Professional advice on selecting the right equipment and tools for your rescue applications.
  • Rescue equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Hands-on training for proper rescue tool use.
  • Rescue tool demonstrations led by factory representatives.

Rescue Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We provide rescue equipment maintenance and repair services to ensure that your rescue tools, including items like fire department rescue equipment and vehicle extrication gear, are in optimal shape for use.

Comprehensive Rescue Equipment Advice

Additionally, we offer rescue equipment buying and operating advice for all of our customers. Our goal is to help you outfit your team with the best gear for your tasks, and we give honest, objective advice on all things related to rescue equipment.

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