Extrication Equipment Service

More than any other type of equipment, rescue equipment must be reliable and perform well under all circumstances. This reflects our philosophy that we want to be more than just a supplier: we strongly believe in long-term partnerships with our clients. 

At BGS, we can help you select the right equipment for any specific application. We can offer services that guarantee the optimal functioning and safety of your rescue tools throughout their life span. Periodical check-ups, for instance, enable you to save costs and keep working with safe and reliable equipment. 

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BGS is your rescue partner offering a wide range of services:

  • Sales of rescue equipment and spare parts.
  • Repair and maintenance of rescue equipment to guarantee your rescue tools remain in ready-for-use condition at all times.
  • Hands-on rescue tool training.
  • Basic vehicle extrication techniques training. 
  • Rescue equipment demonstrations.

Holmatro Rescue Equipment

BGS is Louisiana's exclusive Holmatro Rescue Equipment dealer. We carry the complete line of Holmatro tools, and each piece is designed for specific rescue needs.


Holmatro developed each machine in this line to handle the specific cutting and splitting tasks to save people in various situations. The PENTHEON line includes a heavy-duty telescopic ram for pushing apart heavier metals and objects. We can provide each of these high-quality pieces directly to suit the needs of your organization. 

2. Cutters and Spreaders

Sometimes it's necessary to cut out specific materials to perform a rescue safely. Spreading larger objects is another frequently essential task when you're trying to reach someone stuck beneath a heavy barrier. You can choose between specialized tools to accomplish these goals or purchase a piece of combination equipment to handle both. 

3. Shoring Sets

Shoring is the process of transferring an object's weight to the ground, which is vital when rescue team members must move large weights safely. Our available shoring sets provide you with various pieces of equipment that allow you to accomplish shoring work and maximize safety. Several pieces in the kits can shore weight from vehicles, while others can adjust heavier windows or doors. Choose from our extensive dealer selection of shoring equipment to match your line of work.

4. Hand-Held Rescue Tools

Every rescue is unique, so it pays to be as prepared as you can. Along with the larger machines, we have smaller equipment meant for jobs such as crushing concrete or opening individual car doors. You can browse through Holmatro's inventory of these machines to have BGS deliver them to your area. 

If you have Holmatro perform annual maintenance on your extrication equipment, they offer a lifetime warranty on their products. However, if you don't use that offer, Holmatro can choose to stop their contract. Here at BGS, we also repair those kinds of tools. We take any machines, even those that haven't had any annual services done.

Rescue Training Situations With BGS

Equipment alone is not enough. BGS knows it takes more than the world's best rescue tools to save lives. Vehicle extrication is a demanding job, which requires ongoing training and skill development. That's why we offer on-site rescue training with the use of the Holmatro product line. 

Once the tools dealer arrives at your department, they will perform demonstrations of the specific equipment available. Rescue squad teams like firefighters can compare the pieces of machinery with the items they may already have to see if our Holmatro rescue equipment can fill any gaps in their capabilities. 

Cutters and spreaders allow trained individuals to cut open cars, and our BGS dealer provides hands-on training for that need. Local wrecker companies often donate broken vehicles to fire departments for this visual exercise. This after-hours demonstration shows your team exactly how to use these specific tools, and it typically lasts about two hours.

Since each rescue operation is different, ongoing training in the latest techniques and equipment is vital. BGS provides our training in Holmatro rescue equipment for free as part of the sales process. 

Buy and Service Your Extrication Equipment at BGS

Whether you work in a refinery, manufacturing plant or a large-scale municipal facility, being prepared for fire accidents will improve your overall company morale and readiness for responding to dangerous situations. At BGS, we can provide you with high-quality fire protection and rescue gear, as well as perform annual maintenance and repairs on your Holmatro extrication equipment. Contact us today to request a free quote on our rescue equipment options!