Bunker Gear Cleaning

At BGS, we offer bunker gear and other personal protective equipment (PPE) cleaning and testing services for firefighting, municipality and industrial clients. Our bunker gear cleaning and testing offerings ensure that you have access to proper firefighter turnout gear cleaning services when you need them most.

Since 1999, we've been serving industrial and municipal fire safety clients throughout Louisiana with high-quality turnout gear care, testing and much more. Learn more about our commitment to quality bunker gear cleaning and testing service below.

Bunker Gear and Other PPE Cleaning for Firefighting, Municipal and Industrial

We design our Bunker Gear cleaning and testing services for the specific needs of firefighting, municipal and industrial clients. Most often, our clients enlist our turnout gear cleaning and testing services after annual or biannual training sessions. Because bunker gear components left untreated after heavy use can become moldy and dirty, our turnout gear care services ensure key firefighting equipment is restored to ready-to-use condition.

Other clients will reach out to us for heavy bunker gear cleaning services, even if they maintain their own in-house bunker gear cleaning regimen. Municipalities and industrial clients tend to opt for this type of service when the gear is heavily soiled. 

How Long Does it Take to Clean Bunker Gear?

Most turnout cleaning services take two to three business days. Heavy-duty cleaning can require from five to seven business days. The lead time varies depending on the amount of work required to clean your bunker gear equipment.

What Types of Bunker Gear and PPE Do We Clean?

We service a wide range of bunker gear and bunker gear components. Our most popular fire fighter bunker gear cleaning services focus on bunker gear sets — helmets, coats, pants, hoods, gloves and boots. Plus, we clean flash suits and aluminized gear. While we typically clean bunker gear in sets, we can handle packages of specific items as well.

What Classes of Bunker Gear We Clean

We clean the following classes of bunker gear :

  • Bunker gear, including helmets, pants and boots
  • Flash suits
  • Aluminized gear

If you have specific questions about the types of bunker gear we clean in our facilities or lead times for your particular cleaning needs, reach out to BGS for an estimation. We're proud to be one of the leading bunker gear rental companies in Louisiana, and we'll make sure you have whatever you need to support your operations while we clean your equipment. 

Our Bunker Gear Equipment Cleaning Process

Bunker gear cleaning and testing services vary based on a client's particular needs. Generally, a client delivers their equipment to our facilities and we perform any turnout gear cleaning or testing at our Louisiana location. We take dirty or damaged bunker gear, wet-wash it per NFPA 1851 standards, air-dry it and complete minor repair work on the equipment if necessary.

This is what our bunker gear cleaning process typically looks like:

  • We receive your bunker gear items at our facility, or we come to your facility to pick it up.
  • We wet-wash your bunker gear items using our industrial extractors. This process takes longer for heavily soiled bunker gear.
  • We then air-dry your equipment before returning it in labeled protective plastic bags. 

We've developed and perfected our wet-wash process over the last 20 years. Moreover, our bunker gear cleaning and testing processes are fully NFPA 1851 compliant.

Bunker Gear Testing

We also offer bunker gear testing services for clients in any sector. We specifically provide Level A Suit testing services and turnout gear testing through pressure testing and rigorous visual evaluations.

Benefits of Using Bunker Gear Specialists

Since our humble beginnings, we've been dedicated to perfecting our bunker gear cleaning and testing methods to help you do your job with maximum efficiency and, most importantly, safety. We provide NFPA 1851-compliant services with a fast turnaround.

If you need a source for dependable bunker gear cleaners in Louisiana, reach out to our knowledgeable team today.   

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