In many manufacturing plants, refineries and chemical factories, gas detection equipment is vital for the safety of everyone inside. Many of these workplaces have gas detection devices in place to monitor the air for potentially dangerous contaminants, and they often run on batteries. When one of these systems senses a dangerous volume of fumes in the area, an alarm will sound to alert those in the immediate vicinity to evacuate safely.

These lifesaving devices are vital for keeping personnel safe and operations running smoothly. In order for your facility to maintain regulatory compliance, it's essential to schedule regular gas detection equipment calibrations to ensure your system is working correctly and has sufficient power available.

At BGS, we can provide the necessary maintenance required to ensure the efficacy of your gas detectors and the safety of your crew. Our certified technicians can handle any repairs needed for your Louisiana facility to verify that your gas detection equipment is functioning properly. 

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Different Types of Gas Detectors

At BGS, we employ highly trained professionals who know what to look for when inspecting your gas detection equipment. Some of the monitor brands we commonly service include:

  • BW: This line of sensors is perfect for spot leak checking, limited spaces and mobile use. These portable devices can be hand-held or attached to the wall of a room. 
  • RAE systems: These detectors come in both portable models and larger boxes. RAE indicators work best when placed in more expansive areas, and they can send radiation level reports to other online setups so you can check the particle readings from multiple parts of your facility.
  • MSA: With models that can measure up to six gases simultaneously, MSA equipment works well in large spaces. These gas detection devices have a reputation for being highly durable.

Some monitors need to be sent directly to the manufacturers for extensive repair, but maintenance procedures can often be performed in-house. Our technicians can advise you on the best course of action for a required service procedure. 

Enroll in a BGS Repair Program

No matter the type of gas detection equipment you use in your work, BGS can help you with the upkeep of these vital tools. When you contact us for service, we will arrange a visit to your facility to inspect your detection equipment ourselves. We can efficiently perform common repairs such as fixing cracked screens and cases as well as more complex jobs. 

By scheduling monthly visits with us, you can streamline your equipment maintenance thanks to our regular examinations and fine-tuning capabilities. BGS will visit your environment once a month to check equipment calibration and assess current gas levels in the vicinity. We will then give you a detailed report describing our findings, along with recommendations on how to improve your setup. 

Reach out to Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Gas Detection Equipment

Knowing the condition of your safety equipment is a vital part of keeping your facility at its safest and most productive. BGS can help provide the vital repairs and inspections you need to protect your employees. 

To request gas detection equipment maintenance service for your Louisiana company, contact us today for a free quote.

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