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BGS provides bunker gear and other personal protective equipment (PPE) rentals for firefighters across Louisiana and numerous other states. Our industrial bunker gear rentals and other PPE offerings are maintained to the highest industry standards and can be rented for both short-term and long-term applications.

Since our humble origin in 1999, we've been proud providers of bunker gear rentals for firefighters and industrial personnel within our service regions. We always strive to provide the highest-quality products and services for your stringent job requirements.

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Bunker Gear Rentals for Fire Departments, Industrial Establishments and Municipalities

We offer bunker gear rentals to industrial enterprises, fire departments and various municipal sectors. Many of our long-term clients are firefighters in need of turnout gear rental for their Louisiana location. Our bunker gear rental products are NFPA 1851-compliant and designed to meet the standard requirements of city and county fire departments. 

Bunker gearequipment must be present inside industrial buildings at all times in case an emergency arises — and we can help you meet these requirements.

We offer short-term rental equipment for industrial facilities to have on hand when they take their regular bunker gear components off-site for training sessions or cleaning. We deliver the equipment in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon after the session ends. This process ensures that the facility is never without gear and shifts the responsibility of maintaining equipment availability from the client to us. 

Municipalities will occasionally rent bunker gear for the sake of training, or to provide equipment for new firefighters when the department does not yet have enough to outfit them properly. Many clients also rent our bunker gear for firefighters whose bunker gear is being cleaned or repaired.

At BGS, we accommodate our industrial clients' needs with a rental plan that best suits their processes.

Our industrial bunker gear rentals include:

  • Coats.
  • Pants.
  • Suspenders.
  • Boots.
  • Helmets.
  • Hoods.

Bunker Gear Rental Process

Our bunker gear rental services involve several main components:

  • Providing rental bunker gear to industrial, firefighting and municipal clients at a competitive price point
  • Supplying fire departments and similar establishments with temporary equipment while their primary turnout gear is being washed or replaced
  • Providing clients with guidance on properly using our bunker gear rentals
  • Wet-washing your bunker gear rentals and air-drying them to preserve their composition to the greatest possible extent

Where We Rent Our Bunker Gear

A vast majority of our bunker gear rentals go to the Louisiana State University Fire and Emergency Training Institute (LSU FETI). We deliver to this facility at no additional charge to the client and provide a set of gear to every individual on the submitted roster. 

We make our bunker gear deliveries in a large box van, and we always carry spare equipment in case anyone needs an additional set. This spare gear is particularly useful when the provided sizing information is incorrect or an extra participant shows up for training.

Though most of our rentals go to our Louisiana clients, we also occasionally rent to Mississippi and Texas facilities.

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Our Cleaning Services

If your Bunker gear is dirty from a long training session, we have the advanced cleaning tools and processes to clean your gear right here in our facility. Depending on the type of bunker gear you need cleaned and the degree of washing required to restore your gear to optimal condition, this service could take two to seven business days.

Most bunker gear cleaning sessions will take only two to three business days. Heavily soiled equipment will need five to seven business days for full processing and drying.

Get Bunker Gear Rentals at Bunker Gear Specialists

If you need Louisiana firefighter bunker gear rentals or simply some extra gear for your industrial safety training sessions, turn to the experts at BGS. With custom bunker gear sizing and highly organized bag-and-tag procedures, we promise only the highest-quality rental services. At Bunker Gear Specialists, we offer bunker gear inspections, extraction equipment maintenance, water distribution system repairs and everything in between.

Contact us for more information about our bunker gear rental services today.

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