Akron Brass #10 Universal Spanner Wrench

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For decades, Akron Brass has established a reputation as the world's most trusted brand by manufacturing products that help firefighters protect property and save lives. As the industry's largest manufacturer of firefighting equipment, the Akron Brass team emphasizes reliability, safety and efficiency with each product offering, from nozzles and valves to monitors and hand tools.

Universal Firefighting Wrench Description

Because of their versatility and high efficiency for many tasks, spanner wrenches are among a firefighter's most critical tools. The all-purpose #10 spanner wrench from Akron Brass is compatible with ¾-inch to 3-inch pin and rocker lug couplings. These wrenches also work well for many other tasks, including prying open doors and windows and opening and closing meter valves.   

The superior design of the #10 universal spanner wrench features a hammerhead, a belt hook eye and a gas cock shutoff for easy operation. 

Product Specifications

The primary specifications for the #10 universal spanner wrench include the following:

  • Model number: 10
  • Warranty: Five years
  • Weight: 8 ounces (227 grams)
  • Material: Akrolite construction
  • Length: 11 ½ inches (292 millimeters)

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Tools like spanner wrenches make a firefighter's job safer while allowing them to quickly and efficiently handle different tasks. For years, Bunker Gear Specialists (BGS) has been a leading supplier of tools, equipment and other essential firefighting products throughout Louisiana and the surrounding regions. We also specialize in bunker gear rentals and cleaning and testing fire-related items.

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