Bullard 4" Faceshield


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The 4-inch Bullard Faceshield is designed for use with Bullard helmets, including the FX helmet series. This equipment offers reliable protection to help keep firefighters safe on the job. Built with durable polyarylate, this reliable 4-inch faceshield is ideal for protecting firefighters' eyes when exposed to harmful elements.

The Bullard 4" Faceshield's Design and Compatibility

This 4-inch faceshield easily attaches to a firefighter's helmet to provide a supplement to their primary eye protection. Thanks to its simple mounting hardware, firefighters who use Bullard helmets can replace their damaged faceshields in just a few minutes. The 4-inch faceshield is also optically correct, meaning it won't distort the user's view.

Using Bullard Face Protection Equipment

This specific 4-inch faceshield offers extensive eye and face protection for firefighters, though primary eye protection is necessary as well to ensure full coverage. It's constructed with rugged polyarylate, a plastic boasting exceptional strength, toughness and heat resistance that make it ideal for firefighting.

Additional specifications for the Bullard 4-inch faceshield are as follows:

  • Compatible with Bullard FX, PX and LTX helmets
  • Offers optical correctness
  • 4-inch height
  • Protects wearer from flying objects, debris and chemicals

Order Bullard Faceshields and Other Equipment Online

Face protection equipment is essential for every member of a firefighting crew, and the broad compatibility of this Bullard faceshield makes it an excellent choice for that application. 

Bunker Gear Specialists is proud to carry Bullard helmets and faceshields for firefighters, including the Bullard FX Firedome Helmet w/ 4" Faceshield that provides a helmet and shield combo ready for immediate deployment. 

Order online today to get this replacement faceshield on its way. For more information on this product or our other offerings and services, please reach out to our team.

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