Dragon Fire Alpha X2 Structural Glove

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With the Dragon Fire Alpha X2 structural glove, firefighters can enjoy a durable, abrasion-resistant fabric made from Italian top grain swine and cowhide. Without fabric on the outer shell, these gloves offer excellent wet grip strength while remaining soft and pliable after long-term use.

The liner is sewn firmly to the shell to prevent slipping or shifting, and the ergonomic design encourages natural dexterity with ultimate protection. The Kovenex thermal lining material protects hands in high temperatures. Robotically welded seams give these gloves a sturdy construction for the harshest environments, and the thermal urethane vapor barrier offers high-level fire protection.

Liquid penetration resistance prevents these gloves from retaining excess water, which could lead to slippage. This feature also allows users to put on and take off these gloves easily, even with wet hands. The Dragon Fire Alpha X2 gloves' revolutionary fabric uses a unique blend of high-performance fibers for ultimate practicality, comfort and protection.

These gloves fit even better with wear, as the fabric molds to your hands' shape. An elasticated gauntlet also ensures these gloves snugly fit on every hand. Additionally, the elastication prevents debris from entering the glove. When you order the Dragon Fire Alpha X2 structural gloves, you also receive a reusable bag and velcro strap for storing and transporting. 

Other features include:

  • TPP rating greater than 60
  • UL 2018 compliance
  • Melt point above NFPA requirements
  • A 350% elongation threshold before bursting

At Bunker Gear Specialists, we carry the leading brands in firefighting protective gear. With the Dragon Fire Alpha X2 glove, you can trust you'll be safe from the elements while benefiting from preserved dexterity. By selecting from a range of sizes, you can find the right fit for you. Add a pair to your cart today.

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